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Temco’s Corporate, Manufacturing & Industrial (CMI) Support Services Group helps facilities directors address what is perhaps their greatest challenge – improving service delivery while maintaining or reducing operating costs.  Improving the delivery of facilities “soft” services is our specialty.

Plant managers and facilities directors increasingly are looking to outsource these labor-intensive, lower skilled work functions because of the potential for gaining efficiencies and reducing costs. Temco improves on that concept by working with clients to create an alternative solution, Related Service Groups (RSG™), which combines functions that can fall under a single management arm. 

We analyze your objectives, budget and current operations, and work with you to develop solutions that group soft services with existing functions (e.g., custodial/janitorial) at little or no additional cost to you. You benefit from Temco’s expertise in providing a broad range of soft services, together with our flexibility to tailor a cross-functional RSG solution that increases productivity and delivers the efficiencies you seek.

Using Temco’s RSG approach, clients have realized savings of 12 % to 21%.
Temco’s CMI Group enjoys a sound reputation for flexibility and responsiveness in a wide range of industries:

Temco’s CMI Group enjoys a sound reputation for flexibility and responsiveness in a wide range of industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Consumer Products
  • Computer Chip Manufacture 
  • MedicalEquipment                     
  • Computers & Electronics    
  • Film and Coating Operations      
  • Bio-Tech Firms                  
  • Research Laboratories
  • Food Manufacturing                      
  • Chemicals                           
  • Transportation

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we can help you
we can help you

A Temco representative would be happy to contact you to discuss how we can help you increase productivity and reduce costs with our comprehensive facility support services.

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Green T

Temco is in the business of providing clean, safe, healthy environments that foster student learning and employee productivity.  We go well beyond the use of “green” chemicals, recycled paper goods and special equipment to actually condition the indoor environment. We reduce levels of bacteria and dust – and we scientifically measure results.

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