Higher Education Facility Support Services

In their efforts to maintain a clean, healthy, safe and supportive learning environment, college and university Facilities Directors wrestle with resource allocation and budgetary constraints even as campus issues grow increasingly complex with respect to:

  • indoor environments
  • overall campus appearance
  • equipment technology
  • systems
  • physical plant maintenance

Temco’s analysis team works in concert with campus Facilities Directors to identify areas where creative strategies can have the greatest impact on the campus environment and appearance. With our FSSP™ Facilities Support Services Program , we have the flexibility to integrate whatever support services, management, supervision and program content you need, while increasing service delivery levels and controlling costs.

One size does not fit all, and you’ll find a refreshing difference in Temco’s flexibility and adaptability to the particular requirements of your campus and your facilities team. We recognize that your campus has resources and needs that are unique to your institution – long-term traditions, employment philosophy and policies – plus, you have your own staff providing services. Flexibility is important when you want to introduce positive change while avoiding potentially negative reactions.

We focus on our mutual goals of cost reduction and quality service delivery. Our FSSP Facilities Support Services Program matches your campus’s needs and available resources with a program that provides accurate and timely information upon which to base decisions about future resource allocation. In fact, all Temco Higher Education programs are designed to generate relevant, timely information that assists you in evaluating alternatives.

we can help you
we can help you

A Temco representative would be happy to contact you to discuss how we can help you increase productivity and reduce costs with our comprehensive facility support services.

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