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Temco is committed to providing safe, healthy and clean indoor environments. The goals and the needs of colleges and universities mirror our commitment and we want to help institutions create their own solutions to managing the indoor environment for each of the buildings on their campuses.

Temco’s Indoor Environment Program is based upon the reality that although most individuals spend 90% of their time indoors, the cleaning services industry has done very little to ensure that the indoor environment is a healthy one. We have focused our efforts in two areas:

  • Removing bacteria from all surfaces and out of the building
  • Reducing the amount of dust particulate in the air in each building

Both areas are part of every cleaning operation in any building, but Temco’s approach to the Indoor Environment is the only one in the country with the capability to scientifically measure the results of the cleaning and make changes based upon the results. By changing the cleaning methodology, equipment, frequencies, etc., Temco is able to provide the healthiest setting for learning or working in any building.

An effective indoor environment program entails much more than just using environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment – the traditional “Green” approach taken by most facilities services companies. Temco offers the first Indoor Environment Program to be based on “Changing Green Cleaning from Perception to Reality.”

Only Temco measures performance and cleanliness using scientific methodology to document indoor air dust particulate counts and compare surface bacteria counts before and after cleaning. Only Temco has introduced new technologies in equipment designed to “remove” soil, bacteria and pollutants from the indoor environment, not simply move them from place to place within the building.
Temco’s new programs are designed not only to “remove bacteria” while cleaning, but also to measure how successful the cleaning procedure has been performed. No longer will “it looks clean” be the definition of “clean” on the campus. Temco has the ability to measure exactly how clean “clean” really is.

A full explanation of the science behind the cleaning, program components and testing equipment follows.

The Science behind the Technology
Recent technology advances make it possible to measure surface bacteria counts using adenosine triphosphate instrumentation. 

IEMP™ Indoor Environment Management Program
The IEMP™ is designed to provide buildings with the cleanest air and most thoroughly disinfected surfaces possible, given the resources allocated to the task. Our goal is to deliver the program within current budgets, and in some cases even reduce costs. Program focus is two-fold: the SBCR™ Surface Bacteria Count Reduction Program deals with allowing minimal amounts of bacteria to remain on building surfaces, especially in areas of greatest exposure (e.g., locker rooms, restrooms and showers); and the IDPC™ Indoor Dust Particulate Control Program, which helps to control and reduce dust particulate anywhere in the building.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that reducing both surface bacteria counts and dust particles in the air has a major impact on attendance, productivity, illness and morale.

Comparison of surface bacteria counts following cleaning:
The chart below compares bacteria counts remaining when following the traditional cleaning methods with bacteria remaining following cleaning with the SBCR method. While both dropped the bacteria count in the restroom, traditional cleaning left a bacteria count 10 times that of the SBCR method. 

Putting into place strategies for removing bacteria and for reducing dust particulate requires coordination of proper chemicals, procedures engineered for effectiveness, types of equipment designed to remove (not to simply reposition) soil and other contaminants, and tools to measure and document results on a regular basis.

SBCR™ Surface Bacteria Count Reduction Program
Using an ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) measuring device – “SystemSURE PLUS™” – we are able to measure the bacteria remaining on any surface at any time, prior to or following cleaning. We work with clients to establish realistic and attainable standards for each type of room and measure on a schedule to ensure that Cleaning for Healthy Results™ is effectively removing the bacteria from the room. 

IDPC™ Indoor Dust Particulate Control Program
Temco measures dust levels in buildings in an effort to improve Indoor Air Quality. Because there are so many IAQ variables (HVAC system, temperature, humidity, geographic location), comparisons among buildings are not relevant. However, measuring Indoor Air Quality variables within the same building over time can yield results that are useful in charting the progress of a Dust Particulate Control Program.

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we can help you

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Temco delivers quality that you can see and quality that you can measure with our industry-leading SmartInspect™ technology for quality assurance and customer satisfaction, together with scientific measurement of surface bacteria and airborne dust particles.

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