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All of the requisite resources to integrate our facility support services effectively with yours reside in a Temco operating group dedicated to you and customers like you. We’ve designed our organization around our three primary customer groups: 

Corporate, Manufacturing & Industrial (CMI)

Commercial Real Estate
Education (colleges, universities and K-12 public and independent schools)     

Within each of our operating groups (CMI Support Services, Commercial Real Estate Services and Education Facility Support Services), we have gathered the specialized skills and expertise to address the particular needs of the market segment it serves. This organizational design enables us to work closely with and customize solutions for each of our clients.

Temco is committed to delivering facility support services in a manner that enhances your work or learning environment and helps increase productivity.  As part of your facility services team, we put in place the systems, programs, management and technology necessary to maximize the effectiveness of both your existing resources and ours – and reduce your costs.

Working closely with you, we endeavor to “manage toward the big picture” as together we address issues and opportunities. We draw from the variety of services we offer, consolidating program components wherever possible, to ensure that you receive the most efficient service possible.

Your solution might encompass one or more of these Temco offerings: custodial services, “Cleaning for Healthy Results™,” Facility Support Services Program (FSSP™), Indoor Environment Management Program (IEMP™), “Controlled” Environment Maintenance, “Soft” Service Options, Grounds and Landscape Management, Cosmetic Maintenance, and Security.


A Temco representative would be happy to contact you to discuss how we can help you increase productivity and reduce costs with our comprehensive facility support services.

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Temco is in the business of providing clean, safe, healthy environments that foster student learning and employee productivity.  We go well beyond the use of “green” chemicals, recycled paper goods and special equipment to actually condition the indoor environment. We reduce levels of bacteria and dust – and we scientifically measure results.

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