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The health and safety of children has long been the determining factor in the design of custodial programs for our public schools. Studies now clearly show that the “learning environment” strongly influences a child’s ability to acquire knowledge. Of particular interest is the question of how the indoor environment affects students’ abilities to concentrate, learn and enjoy their time at school.

Delving into that issue, a number of scientific and educational studies have examined how to create the ideal learning environment – one with the proper temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight, size of class, color and shape of classroom, for example – the variables are endless. Especially important to Temco is the impact of cleanliness – beyond just the “clean” you can see – and a recent study suggests that our unique approach to cleaning truly can make a difference [more information]. 

Temco cleans for healthy results to produce clean, safe, healthy learning environments – affordably. We make every effort to match our cleaning and maintenance programs to school budgets. The flexibility of our systems and programs enables us to accommodate your budgetary constraints – we actually can help you introduce a higher level of cleaning while reducing your overall cost.

At Temco we’re keenly aware that, even within a public school district, resource deployment is affected by labor, management, regulatory, financial and physical differences among schools. We are able to adapt our custodial and maintenance programs to overcome obstacles that may have prevented you from upgrading your cleaning programs in the past.

Our approach to serving K-12 public and independent schools is to combine existing labor, management and systems resources with Temco’s to produce the most cost-effective program possible.

Flexible Programs
Flexible programs hinge on the school or school district’s ability to encourage management firms to be as creative as possible in offering solutions to areas of concern. Many times an RFP document is so restrictive as to preclude submission of any attractive alternatives. Those tempted to use the same RFP as three years ago are potentially limiting new and progressive programs for their district.

Temco has a long and successful history of providing services to K-12 public and independent schools. We know you have to balance the need for clean, safe and healthy schools with other pressing budgetary demands. That is why our program approach allows schools and school districts to make their own choices with respect to staff employment, equipment purchases, chemical supplies, times of service delivery, etc. The only absolute within our program is that we be supplied with adequate resources to perform successfully. Whether we or the school supplies those resources is immaterial.

The services we typically provide to public and independent schools include:

  • Custodial/Cleaning 
  • Grounds & Landscape
  • Flexible Staffing  
  • Black Seal Licensed Personnel
  • Maintenance
  • CMMS Oversight
  • Utility Workers

Whether you need one, all, or a combination of our services, Temco will provide a sound approach to meeting your requirements.

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Systems & Technology

There have been significant advances in equipment, chemicals and cleaning processes in the past year. Temco continually evaluates ways in which we can add value and offer services at less cost, or with greater efficiency. It is important to view the custodial/maintenance program as interlocking systems into which technology is introduced only if it brings value to the use of that system.

Some of the systems we rely on to provide additional value to our clients are:

  • The “Cleaning for Healthy Results™” program and the specialized equipment, supplies and processes necessary to ensure its proper implementation and ongoing value

  • A new technique for “Sanitizing as you go” – a cost-effective productivity tool that uses disposable sanitizing wipes, available on a staff member’s belt, for sanitizing hand rails, door knobs, telephones, keyboards, etc.

  • The SBCR Surface Bacteria Count Reduction program, with which we scientifically measure the cleanliness of surfaces. Just because it “looks clean” doesn’t mean it is clean.

  • The SmartInspect™ Quality Assessment System, which helps evaluate the quality of services delivered each day. This “hand-held” PDA (personal digital assistant) system compiles and evaluates data to assist management in identifying areas in need of specific training resources.

  • The System-Sure Plus™ hand-held ATP testing device for measuring the amount of bacteria resident on any surface in the school, at any time. An important part of the Cleaning for Healthy Results™ program, this tool accurately measures the effectiveness of the cleaning process: if it’s not clean, it is not healthy.

  • Temco’s “Changing Green Cleaning from Perception to Reality” approach, which takes cleaning company participation from a passive, equipment and chemical supply role, to a positive “change agent” position within the school or district, going far beyond simply using “green certified” equipment and chemicals.

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Cleaning for Healthy Results™

The Reality:  Traditional Cleaning Methods Are Not Effective
Relatively recent advances in science and technology now allow us to test any surface for the amount of bacteria resident on that surface. The methodology, called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) Testing, can be performed in about 30 seconds, using a simple, hand-held device. If you can use a cell phone or a PDA (personal digital assistant), you can conduct and interpret these tests. We have found the results startling.

Comparison of surface bacteria counts following cleaning:
This chart compares bacteria counts following traditional restroom cleaning methods with those following Temco’s SBCR™ Surface Bacteria Count Reduction method. While both cleaning methods dropped the bacteria count in the restroom, the traditional cleaning method left a bacteria count 10 times that of Temco’s SBCR™ method.  Temco healthy cleaning yields measurable results.  Learn more

The Measurable Temco Difference

A Different Perspective 
Does a “Cleaning for Healthy Results” environment increase the ability to learn? A recent, two-year elementary school study suggests the answer is “yes,” as the chart below illustrates.  Learn more

Traditional Cleaning

The Science behind the Technology
Recent technological advances have made it possible, financially and practically, to measure surface bacteria counts before and after cleaning. Being able to measure the effectiveness of bacteria removal helps us quantify the effectiveness of our cleaning process. Learn More

SBCR™ Surface Bacteria Count Reduction Program
Using an ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) measuring device – “SystemSure Plus™” – weare able to measure the bacteria remaining on any surface at any time. Accurate readings ofbacteria levels can be used for a variety of research, analysis and trend reporting. With the FDA Standard for a food preparation table being “no higher than 30,” we work with clients to establish realistic and attainable standards for each type of room and measure on a schedule to ensure that our Cleaning for Healthy Results™ method is effectively removing the bacteria from the room.

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we can help you
we can help you

A Temco representative would be happy to contact you to discuss how we can help you increase productivity and reduce costs with our comprehensive facility support services.

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Flexible Programs
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Green T
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Temco is in the business of providing clean, safe, healthy environments that foster student learning and employee productivity.  We go well beyond the use of “green” chemicals, recycled paper goods and special equipment to actually condition the indoor environment. We reduce levels of bacteria and dust – and we scientifically measure results.

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